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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Pendleton is one of the few great brands that has done things well for a long time and still manages to stay relevant. To be more specific, they trace their roots as far back as 1863 and in regards to relevance, they’ve put together collaborations with Opening Ceremony, Levis, Timberland, Nike, and Comme Des Garcons.

Our latest Pendleton find is the Comanche Robe, which seems like a great edition to any home in addition to one’s matching Pendleton blanket and button-ups. The robe is made of 100% virgin wool and comes in a handful of pattern options including our favourite the Maroon Jerome pictured above.

You can grab yours online at Blackbird.

Continue reading for some more history on the brand.

Pendleton traces it’s roots to an English weaver named Thomas Kay who moved to Oregon in 1863 and helped establish the states second woolen mill. His family moved in 1909 and opened Pendleton, Oregon’s first woolen mill, where six generations have now kept this symbol of the West alive and flourishing. Native Americans adopted their colorful blankets as ceremonial gifts, and have inspired the creation of beautiful textiles since. Pendleton has crafted commemorative blankets for national parks, furnished Olympic athletes, given a blanket to every president since Warren G. Harding and California surf band The Beach Boys wore their signature plaid shirts on the cover of the album Surfer Girl in 1963. To this day Pendleton works directly with local wool farmers to ensure the highest quality materials